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Managing Interpersonal Relationships

Why Managing Interpersonal Relationships?

Within any management situation there will be interpersonal relationship difficulties. When these arise within teams, they can block the manager's success in achieving team cohesiveness, productivity and success. On the other hand, when the problem occurs in the organisation then much more is at stake. Relationship tension erodes productivity, progress and results - something has to be done.

What results will I achieve?

This workshop delivers invaluable skills that enable people to motivate and maintain performance in the people they work with, especially when there is a considerable pressure to succeed. Participants are able to make consistently accurate predictions about the communication needs of colleagues and thereby become more effective in roles including manager, coach, communicator and implementer. Includes:

  • The nature of human behaviour and how others interpret it
  • Behavioural style identification
  • The consequences of judgements
  • Insights into difficult interactions that jeopardise many promising opportunities
  • Tension management
  • Skills to address the pressures of motivating, delegating, negotiating and working to deadlines
  • The benefits of versatility and style modification strategies

Who is it for?

Those who want to increase their versatility and be able to influence and manage a wider variety of personalities through personal rather than positional power.

How is it structured?

Skills are demonstrated by the tutors, using short input sessions, exercises and skills practise. Frameworks are all modelled upon people who have demonstrated Excellence in their field.